“Thor” is a hammer hit


Thor is a smash hit!

Year after year, Hollywood would crank out flicks in the summer season that would boast to be big and epic. But on the inside, they are nothing but explosions and big named celebrities flubbing it up. And to be honest, I never thought Marvel’s Norse god would be executed good on the big screen. From the start, I had doubts it would be the top hit at the box-office and mocked how it’s poster was remensisant of “Titus.” But then, once the reviews came in, I began to get curious about what the praise was all about. Even seeing it at number one in box-office charts drew my curiosity.

So, I ventured to the theater and to my surprise, I felt the spirt of the summer blockbuster was not dead after all. “Thor” is a unique and well-done comic adapation that may not surpass the classics, but has the ambition and entertainment of Iron Man. Chris Hemsworth plays the almighty son of Odin (Anthoney Hopkins), who rule the world of Asgard. While Thor has the energy and power of a great warrior, he places brawn over brain and causes some trouble with a bunch of creatures that live in a world of ice. For punishment, he is exiled to Earth, where we are treated to a clever “fish out of water” story where he bumps into a group of scientists that thing they have the discovery of a lifetime.

It’s here “Thor” begins to transition from a massive opera to a basic and beefed action flick, but yet it still managed to be entertaining. Chris’s potrayle comes off as being sympathetic and plays the meat-headed attitude well. Had the main chracter been brainy would have killed any great use of the three act sturcture as the “now mortal” god has to live among the people he wants to control and lean how to be more compassionate with them.

His brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) on the other hand is on the same level as his muscular fighter of a sibling, but to a degree. While a trickster, he gets broken when he finds the truth that he was really being fostered by Odin and used to bring peace to his original family. The interesting aspect is how Loki is a villan, but yet one can feel sympathetic for him. He doesn’t want to rule the world in chliched fashion, but is a misfit that is understood and wants what is best for himself.

When him and Thor interact, there is a sadness to there conflict seeing how these brothers got along fine, till they are driven to the point where they go seperate ways. Almost like “Prince of Egypt,” they don’t wish to fight, but still be together and want things to be the way they once were. It comes off as a believable connection and fleshes the characters out more.

As far as Kenneth Branagh goes with the overall execution, it does feel “over-the-top” at times but not to the point of hammy material. The comedy is well-timed, the sets feel like more than digital effects, and everything is at a stead pace that is neither slow or rushed. All I have left to say is that if there is one summer flick you must catch before it’s all over, don’t miss out on this hit.

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