Rental Corner: “Green Hornet” + “Guardians” = Mostly Harmless Night


Legends of the Guardians

Mostly Harmless Owl Pic

Zack Snyder has tackeled remakes and graphic novels with a unique visual style and it shows in “Legends of the Guardians.” To be honest, I wasn’t hyped to see this in theaters and when I viewed it, I wasn’t excited either. Needless to say, it was an ok watch. “Guardians” is your basic “coming of age” story about a barn owl that believes in a series of tales about a squad of noble warrior owls that fought against an evil race known as the “Pure Ones.” As you might have guessed, he gets in the middle of this when he and his brother are captured and forced to be slaves for the group. The material with the “Pure Ones” home is somewhat similar to how the slaving in “Temple of Doom” was. Here, these “slaves” are somehow hypnotized through a sleep under the full moon and result stuck in a dead-like state.

That is the first flaw with the film. The elements are there, but nothing is explained into full detail. There are mystical elements that on par with a basic fantasy film, but things are glanced over as opposed to taking time with the explination of certain things, like the magical metal flecks that are used as the owl’s “kryptonite.” Things just appear and are either explained in short detail or just simply brushed over.

However, “Guardians” does have its share of good concepts such as the two brothers that go their seperate ways. It’s a basic cliche of one being good and the other going to evil, but it works perfectly and is excecuted very well. There is not much else I can say about this bird flick seeing it follows that basic formula of a journey film, aside from theĀ impressive animation. I would go into great detail how near life-like these creatures are, but it would take up an entire novel to critical praise. That and I feel it can be a downflaw to a movie like this. When Disney did “Dinosaur,” they took little care into characters and plot while giving life to amazing and “then-ground breaking” imagery. I feel at times the same can be said for “Guardians,” but there are moments where the characters are fleshed out and the plot does feel a bit well-worked. But it moves too fast at a 90 mins length and I feel it limiting it’s darker moments so it can be seen for kids.

While it’s a triumpth in visuals, “Legends of the Guardians” is just a movie that does great wonders with the computer, but still falls to the way the story plays out. It probably might have been a treat to see in 3D, but on the small screen, it’s harmless fantasy flick that has a few things to tweak. While it’s not spectacular, it’s ok to watch.

Seth Rogan has gone from heroic druggies to crude aliens in a short time of his career. In between is a genere I never thought he would work well in. When a comedy actor works in the superhero field, they mostly bring their funny with them. The same can be said here, but “The Green Hornet” tends to work like “Kick-Ass” and be a tounge-in-cheek parody.

While not a perfect superhero adaptation, it does have it’s share of good moments, like JayChou’s character that practly steals the show as Kato, a matial arts and weapon expert that make some amazing gadgets and delicious expressso. To put it simple, “Green Hornet” is one of those “leave your brain at the door” films that reflects the campy side of the mighty and muscular genre.

While it does have good laughs and great action scenes, the only problem is the basic structure. The main villian of the film, a Russian gangster, is seen never doing anything and the love interest (Cameron Diaz) has little to no purpose and does very little after he introduction. “Hornet” mostly focuses on the action and comical abilities while falling short of following the tradition of a superhero film. While not perfect, its still worth a rent at least. But if this section was called “Rent This, Not That,” I would recommend the 1990 adaption of “Dick Tracy” more in comparision to how a radio show icon can be potrayed on the big screen.

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