Box-Office Buzz: “Twilight” Vs. “Muppets”

Breaking Dawn Part IThanksgiving weekend was quite the battle for movie goers as three highly anticipated flicks went against last week’s success The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I. While none were able to take down the latest installment in the vampire series from its number one spot, they still managed to find an audience either way. According to Box-Office Mojo, Breaking Dawn took in $62.3 million over the five-day weekend adding on to its previous gross of $138 million. Despite its massive take in, the movie has been hit with negative criticism and reports of seizures from the final act. However it has been getting plenty of positive remarks from the fans and viewers that either respect the source material or appreciate how bad yet entertaining it is.

The MuppetsOn a positive note, a long time film idea has finally made its way to the cinemas as filmgoers finally got the chance to see the first theatrical Muppet movie in 12 years. Disney’s The Muppets premiered to positive reviews and a massive take in of $42 million, just barley making back its $45 million production budget and debuting strong in the second spot. According to Entertainment Weekly, most of the audience consisted of those slightly older than those who would got a kid’s movie as 35 percent were under the age of 18. However, compared to their last movie’s take-in (1999’s Muppets from Space took in only $16.6 million in total), this proves the gang is back and probably for good.

And back to some bad news, Happy Feet Two dipped farther than usual as the $135 million budgeted sequel went from second place to third thanks to a 37 percent drop (grossed $13.4 million last week and $18.4 million this five-day weekend.) Even though it has grossed nearly $50 million, it probably won’t be close to its predecessor’s $198 million take in. Aside from a mixed to positive reception, maybe dancing penguins feel like a thing of the past.

HugoAnd lastly, Martin Scorsese’s venture to 3D, Hugo, debuted in at the fifth spot with $15.4 million over the five-day course. Hugo is budgeted at $170 million and was released to limited theaters of only 1,277 theaters. However despite the low gross, some positive word of mouth has spread and it has received praise from critics, but Hugo is going to pull more weight around  in order to be considered a success. Paramount does plan to release it in more theaters in the next weekend, with the exception of a wide release on December 9th. But it should be also noted that 75 percent of the film’s gross came from 3D screens. Only time will tell if this current underdog will reach the top.

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