This Week’s Coming Attractions: Animation Goes Light…sort of

There has been an arry of family films this weekend as this month has given us a great handful of preview for upcoming features. And none can be more worth than the animation department that seems promising so far. Many have geared up for Pixar’s upcoming Brave, which many feel will make up for this summer’s Cars 2. While Cars 2 wasn’t sucessful as the previous entries in the Pixar line up, many hope thier first venture into fairy tale terriorty about a Scottish princess that wants to follow her true ambition will hopefully redeem the treasured company.

And speaking of installments, Blue Sky Studios revealed another “short” that starred Ice Age fan’s favortie prehistoric squirel, Scrat. A saber-toothed rodent that goes on a Looney Tunes chase just for an acorn. This one however is a follow-up to a previous situation where the unfortuante guy was at the center of the Earth. These “shorts” are really trailers for the upcoming Ice Age sequel Contenintal Drift, which has been given a tenative release date of July 13, 2012.

Also on deck is another animated delight from Illumination Entertinament, the studio that delievered the hit film Despicable Me which invovled Steve Carrel voicing a villian that has to father three orhpans while pulling the biggest heist. This time, they are trying to do right with a beloved classic from Dr. Seuss, The Lorax. A classic tale about a mystical but somewhat strange creature that tries to save the forrest he lives in from being hacked to bits for a useless product. The environmentally and politically messaged book has had its share of fans, great popularity and now being made into a movie with Danny DeVito voicing the title character. Only time will tell if this “speaker for the trees” will be more successful as its distributor Universal had to deal with major beef from Seuss fans over their adaptions of The Grinch and The Cat in The Hat. Considering how it will open on the 100th birthday of the famed author himself, March 2, 2012, only time will tell. But to quote Suess himself,  “unless someone like you who cares a whole lot…”

And lastly, next month will host the most anticipated holiday flick, The Adventures of Tintin. Directed by Steven Speilberg and Produced by Peter Jackson, its based on the first three books of the popular series about a French journalist that embarks on many adventures. For a majority of the 1960s and 1970s,  Tintin has been adapated into live-action foriegn films, animated flicks and ever serials that are quite dated for its time. Fans over in Eurpoe rejoiced as they got to see the popular comic book icon first in October and since then has been hope to unamimous praise and a successful box-office gross that has recouped its $137 million budget. The only question that truly remains is that will American audiences be positive or think little of it this December? Only time will tell if this will be thet “Avatar” hit or another Robert Zemeckis downer as motion capture is being utilized for this production. Fans alike on the US are truly hoping it will be the former.

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