Flops Today, Home Video Hit Tommorrow

Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck was a movie that bombed greatly, but since has gotten a better reputation on home video

The year of 2011 has offered us a variety of hits, but has ceratinly presented its share of bombs. Who doesn’t forget the motion capture mess Mars Needs Moms? Or how Cowboys and Aliens was overhyped to a disapointing gross? In time, they can be regarded as the worst, but when it comes to home video, that can all change in a heartbeat.

Think back to the time of VHS and how notable movies like Home Alone and Star Wars were must haves. At the same time, you even had the lesser known like Flight of the Navigator or infamous flops like Ishtar gaining a cult audience through the power of rentals or home video. When it comes to being released in theaters, most viewers have to reliy on the film critic. A tool that makes the basic judgment of wiether its worth your buck. But thanks to the introduction of the home video market, veiwers don’t have to worry about deciding  what is best to spend $5 on.

In the past, its been a proven testament that films that do poorly at the box-office find a better live in the living room of the viewer. 1982’s The Thing, for example, wasn’t a massive hit becuase of the abandance of E.T. that was presence and how critics attacked it for its dark and upsetting tone. However, its debut on VHS later gave people to give it a second chance and since then has been considered one of the best horror movies to date.

And who couldn’t forget Explorers, the Joe Dante classic about a group of kids that go into outer space to make contact with aliens. Explorers was mishandled by studio executives at Paramount Pictures and thanks to minimal advertising and being released during the week of a Live Aid concert doomed any means of it being a sucess. However, after its unfortunate run, it has gotten a strong cult following. “It’s encouraging.” said Joe Dante, director of this movie and Gremlins. “I used to run into people all the time who said they loved it which is nice because I don’t know where they were on opening day.”

As the home video market evolved, new possibilities opened up when the DVD came out. Sure enough, there were even fans of films like Howard the Duck or Last Action Hero that are aware of their bad quality, but enjoy it for what it is. Even films that performed well at the box-office but got trashed by critics like Scrooged or The Cable Guy have given a second chance with viewers as well as being seen to a new generation to be liked or disliked. Today movies like The Rum Dairy or Green Lantern might be regarded as losers, but soon enough they will find an audience eventually.

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Considering my passion of films, I apprecaite reviewing them and recommending ones either some have heard of or know little about.

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  1. I agree that every movie is going to have some kind of an audience, whether or not it was a hit or a flop when it first comes out. To each their own, and everyone will find their own. And I remember liking Flight of the Navigator. This post took me back to the day and into the 90’s

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