Box-Office Buzz: Family Flicks Struggle in Ho-Hum Week

Guess its no surprise to say that Breaking Dawn is still clutching on to its top spot despite a 60 percent drop to $16.5 million. Nationwide, it has grossed $247.3 million and at this point it should drop its box-office crown once the holiday flicks roll around. And speaking of which, The Muppets manage a second weekend to keep its second spot with a gross of $11.1 million totaling its complete gross so far to $56.4 million. However compared to The Muppet Movie (the once highest grossing film in the franchise with $65.2 million), it will easily surpass it once its run is over.

And after expanding to 1,840 theaters, Hugo was successful enough to claim third place with $7.56 million, having already gained a little over $25 million. However, bad and good news to Arthur Christmas and Happy Feet Two as the holiday movie about Santa’s spawn managed to at least gain $7.4 million to its $25.3 million gross. With the holiday coming around, there is a chance for it to gain some viewers and perform well, compared to the sad tale that is Happy Feet Two.

Currently labeled one of 2011’s biggest disappointments, Happy Feet Two dropped to 5th place with $5.94 million adding to its $51.7 million take in. Keep in mind that it has only gained back 47 percent of its $135 million budget. According to an article from  Vancouver Sun, about 600 out of 700 of the animation staff that worked on the film have been laid off as a result of the low results. Guess penguins can be crossed off the list what animal is hot on the market let alone expecting another Happy Feet.

And in the world of arthouse films, Shame made a decent debut with $349, 519 at 10 locations. Despite the content and NC-17 rating it was given, it will probably have a healthy run for now.

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