This Week’s Coming Attractions: Action and Thrills

December is offering up a lot on action flicks, aside from some of the kid-friendly stuff. So far, there have been three big titles film fans have been dying to catch. One of them is the long-awaited Mission: Impossible follow-up, Ghost Protocol. Not only this is mark a comeback for Tom Curise, but a first for director Brad Bird, who has had his share of experience with the Pixar department (best known for The Incredibles and the cult classic The Iron Giant) as he ventures into live-action film making for the first time. Ethan is back and this time he has to switch over to the dark side in order to clear IMF’s blame after a bombing leads to the shut down of IMF. Fans are hyped and can’t wait to see this long-awaited entry to come out December 21st.

Speaking of franchises, Sherlock Holmes is back and this time “the game’s afoot.” In “A Game of Shadows,” Sherlock (Robert Downey Jr.) and his companion Watson (Jude Law) have to outwit one of Holmes’ biggest nemises, Professor Moriarty played by Jarried Harris. Director Guy Richtie, who helmed the first film, originally was going to direct Lobo and Downey Jr. was to start in  Cowboys and Aliens; only time will tell if these big names made the right choice on December 16th.

Finally, there has been non-stop talk about David Fincher’s adadaption of The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, a story about a journalist (Daniel Craig) that is aided in his search for a woman who has been missing for forty years by a young computer hacker. Based upon the Swedish novel by Stieg Larsson, “Dragon Tatoo” has been adapted into a Swedish film adaptaion where it has recieved critical acclaim. Will this American take hold a candle to the original source material? Will find out December 21st…

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Considering my passion of films, I apprecaite reviewing them and recommending ones either some have heard of or know little about.

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