Box Office Buzz: Successful but Disapointing

Well three big titles went up to the home plate this weekend and while they seemed promising to do well, ended up underperforming to semi-disapointing grosses. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows managed to take spot #1 with $40 million, but that is short from the first installment’s debut of $62.3 million. In comparison, it was much lower than Tron Legacy’s weekend debut of $44 million. On that note, Alvin and Chipmunks: Chipwrecked grabbed to the #2 spot with $23.5 million, which is nearly half of The Squeakel’s weekend debut of $48.9 million. Despite the decent debuts, they still feel like they underperformed but for different reasons. Box Office Mojo theorizes that Game of Shadows “probably doesn’t have the sort of rabid fan base that will eagerly turn out for more of same, which seemed to bear out this weekend.” As for reasons of the third Alvin film’s not so great gross, “parents are probably being far more judicious in deciding what movies they will take their children to.”

On the bright side, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol did well for its limited release of 425 theaters and gaining $13 million. It has topped Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason ($8.7 million) as the highest grossing limited debut ever. By having Ghost Protocol be seen five days prior to the actually release date, at least Paramount Pictures made the latest installment feel like an event film that is worth seeing on the big screen. But will its success continue when it debuts Wednesday along side Tintin? That is battle worth waiting to see.

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