Box Office Buzz: “Lorax” soars while “Carter” disapoints

He spoke for the trees and made a lot of green

Its intersting how one Suess movie can go a long way. Last weekend, audiences were introduced to another big-screen adaptation from the work of Theodore Gissel, The Lorax. The story of a small orange creature (voiced by Danny DeVito) that tries to save the forrest it protects from being cut down is so far highly noted for being the first blockbuster gross of the year so far. In just one weekend alone, the creature that “speaks for the trees” was heard as it grossed $70 million, as well as gaining back its production budget. While critics were mixed about the environmental message and questiong of how its marketing with Mazda was contridicting the moral message the flick carried, it was no doubt a hit with viewers and a good sign that 2012 will be quite promising this year. Lightening stuck again this week as The Lorax took first place with a gross of $39 million and taking the #1 spot again.

However, while there is a hit, there is a flop. In the case of John Carter, the sci-fi story of a Civil War soilder that becomes a rebel on Mars, was predicted to be a disapointment at the box office. And no surprise, it was. The heavily panned Disney flick grossed in a mere $30 million, which is a not a very good figure for a $250 million budgeted flick. Even the midnight showings presented a sign as it took in a dismal $500,000.

Many factors are to blame for this bombing as most critics are pointing the finger at the marketing department. Either way, its not only a blow to the “House of Mouse” but a personal one to director Andrew Stanton. Better known for his work at PIXAR with Finding Nemo and Wall-E, this was his first live-action venture and its unknown if this could be his last.

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