Rental Corner: “Descendants” is a heartbreaking delight

Surprisingly good...yet sad....

Had this movie be done as a straight-up comedy, “The Descendants” would have been rummaging close to the troubled waters of “The Weather Man.” However, what I didn’t expect was feeling teary at the end of seeing a movie that shows how difficult the world can be while somewhat hopeful. The feelings I had while watching this movie alone are hard to describe, especially when deal with themes of cheating spouses, a family falling apart, and morality. All these elements come together and somehow you get a feature you not only need to bring tissues to, but prepared from the tone that is laid out.

Enter land baron Matt King (George Clooney) whose wife is in a coma from a boating accident with little chance of pulling out, two daughters that are nearly out of control seeing he is labeled the “back-up parent.” But when his 17-year-old daughter slips that his own wife had an affair, this sends him on a quest to track down this guy and give the chance to see his love affair one last time. While it sounds simple on paper, there is much more to the “Descendants” then one can imagine.

Such is the character of Matt who keeps getting hit with these unexpected twists and turns that life throws at him and how he must deal with it. If knowing that his own spouse had a fling on the side was bad enough, try finding out your own daughter had a boyfriend without telling you. The scenes where Matt tries to coupe and get to know this slacker are a notable highlight. We are first thought to despise this character for his laid back and brainless attitude. But all that turns around when they have a private chat about love and the rough spots of life. It’s commonly rare for a movie to have a turn around like this. We are expected to be annoyed by this kid and later learn he doesn’t have that low of an IQ as we thought.

That is probably what I appreciate the most about this movie. “The Descendants” is about how unexpected things can be and what twists and turns can be thrown at you. For better or for worse, we have to either deal with these happenings or treat them like “it’s the end of the world.” It’s not the idea of what our lives would be like in Matt’s shoes but more along the lines of can we handle issues  that are complex as his.

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