Rental Corner: “Ghost Protocol” is impossible to miss

Not bad for a beginner, Brad....

It seemed like a challenge to see what director Brad Bird could do with the animated filmography he had with Pixar. But to see him branch off with his first live-action feature debut was worth the wait and watch. This fourth installment of the “Mission Impossible” franchise almost incorporates the plot elements and things from Brad’s previous work such as the working relationships that was present in “The Iron Giant,” the explosive “on the edge of your seat” feel from the action scenes in “The Incredibles,” the delivery and subtle feel the dialogue from various episodes of “The Simpsons” he worked on, and the complex nature that is often present in Brad’s features.

Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt as he finds himself on the lam again after the Kremlin gets blown up and results in act of war. In a way, I tend to feel this movie is somewhat of a reflection of the 9/11 paranoia when we called war with Iraq. This time, we get to feel what they felt as Russia (in MI4) is on the brink of war with America. The idea of another nation alone going to attack another is rather dark yet thrilling, but only if there was more to it seeing we focus more on Ethan’s mission.

If that wasn’t bad enough, IMF has been shut down, leaving Ethan and his crew stranded in Moscow as they try to find the real perpetrator. To add more conflict, Ethan is being hunted down by a Russian inspector that believes he could be the central cause of it all. Along the way, viewers are treated to suspenseful action scenes and tons of gadgets. One notable highlight is Ethan’s climb up a tall building with magnetic gloves that operate like the Internet card to a laptop.

The only problem with this feature lies in the pacing. In between each nerve-racking moments that build character or little breathers to let the viewer relax before the next complex scene. While that is fine, it tends to be in the way. The first Mission Impossible films had non-stop action and never stopped to take a break from the rushing around and chase scenes they are highly noted for. While it drags, “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” does know when to be suspenseful and when to be centered on its characters. While I don’t considering it the greatest installment, it’s a nice entry to the series and a one that shows the talents of Brad Bird seeing how he some past experience with the scrip writing of “*batteries not included.” For an animation director’s first time in the chair of making a live-action feature, it’s a damn good attempt that really presents his eye for action films.

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