“Avengers” surpass many; ’nuff said.

Its worth a watch. ’nuff said.

What can’t be said that already has been said about a summer film that has gotten massive accliam and let alone deserves it? This is a movie many have been waiting and hyped to see. In the end, it all pays off with a 40 minute finale of explosions and well-crafted fight scenes. The Avengers as a whole is what many summer films have been missing out on. There is a great amount of effort and care placed into the wiriting and staging of notable moments when Iron Man is arguing with Captain America or when Loki sets a massive army from another dimension onto the city. Ever scene is well delivered and it comes together rather well.

The plot is simple but packs quite a lot. A Norse god named Loki wants to take over the world with a mystical device and an alien army from another dimension. Nick Furry, Agent of SHIELD (Samuel L. Jackson) steps in and summons a group of superheros (Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye) to prevent it from happening. It sounds simple on paper, but as things progress, it gets complex. We go from a simple situation and then it snowballs into a massive battle. The entertainment vaule is never dragged or diminished.

Another big thing to look out for is the interaction between everyone while keeping them in character. Iron Man teases about while Cap tries to reason despite being in another time. Even Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner is perfect in the mix as he tries to maintain his anger. What makes this group intersting is how they each have a weakness and manage to get it accomplished in the long end. At times they clash but like a family manage to straighten up and realize how importatant they are to one another.

What Avengers proves is that the box-office summer is alive and well. In a world like today where people follow on a director’s style, one must sit back and think about formulating their own forumla and delievery. This is where I feel the reason Battleship failed as The Avengers clicked with its viewers. Battleship was following in the footsteps of big and loud movies like Transformers rather than do somehting different. The Avegners is certainly a nearly flawless effort that I would certainly say is the best I’ve seen this summer.

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Considering my passion of films, I apprecaite reviewing them and recommending ones either some have heard of or know little about.

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