Box-Office: “Godziila” is the king after all

This was an interesting fight as Godzilla took on the web-head himself and came out with an astounding top weekend spot at #1 with $93.2 million. The $160 million dollar epic has truly payed off in the long run for Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures who finally succeeded in making a monster movie that is enjoyable but yet moving. However, not too many agree as other movie-goers felt it was a good flick but gave mixed reactions. The general consensus is that its well made but the satisfaction is only half there judging form its “B+” rating on CinemaScore and its Rotten Tomatoes score of the audience shows that 76% liked it. Either way, its a huge improvement over last year’s domestic bomb Pacfic Rim (which did better business overseas to save its hide) and far better than Roland Emmerich’s take (which I still have a heart for but for the wrong reasons.)

Else where, hyped as hell flicks Neighbors

He's back...and bigger than before

King of the Box Office!

and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 dipped this weekend as the Seth Rogan comedy took in $25.1 million in second place and Marc Webb’s highly anticipated sequel that is getting a mixed backlash dropped to third place $16.8 million. Still, both movies had a chance to shine in their brief opening runs and so far have gained back its production budget. However, their reception doesn’t match the high praise Legendary Picture’s giant monster is receiving as Marvel’s web-head got a lot of mixed reviews from the critics and Spider-Man fanbase while Neighbors was likened but its bawdy humor is obviously not for everyone.

With the major success of Godzilla, talks have a sequel are already in the works as director Garth Edwards (Monsters) hinted that it would be influenced by Destroy All Monsters with the “Monster Island” concept. Only time can tell when viewers will know which monsters will be retooled (Mothra anyone?….Ghiedorah?) or if any case, which creatures will be newly utilized.

But Godzilla has a new enemy surfacing this coming weekend. The much talked about X-Men: Days of Future Past and the less hyped Adam Sandler comedy Blended that reunites the struggling comic with Drew Barrymore. It seems things are repeat itself a bit with another Marvel property and a low-brow comedy but this time on the same weekend. Will the big lizard be able to hold them off for the top spot? Can Marvel strike again? And when do you think Adam Sandler will finally call in quits? The answers to all depend on what viewers are really champing at the bit for.

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