Box-Office: “X-Men” Dominates Box Office Weekend; But No New Franchise Record

For the four day weekend, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” was the victor for Memorial Day weekend as it took top spot with an estimated $111 million. But just looking at the three-day weekend structure for most movies, “Days of Future Past” grossed $$91.4 million. While this is an impressive feat, how does it hold with the franchise? While it was a massive improvement over X-Men First Class’s opening weekend gross of $55 million but it doesn’t match the $102 million The Last Stand snatched in its opening weekend. While a bit low behind other big openers this season like Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($95 million) and Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($91.6 million), one should still regard its solid opening and its certainly a step-up from the previous X-Men flicks judging from its opening gross and “A” CineScore with positive word of mouth. Perhaps this will be a turn around for the franchise after all.

In second place is Godzilla with $31.1 million on its second weekend run ($39.4 millon if you go by Memorial Day standards). While this drop is not a hard one, its still a steep decline. The theory is that everyone went out to see the monster flick due to strong marketing and very much it became the movie viewers wanted or the one that left others half-pleased. My basic throught is that a good majority of folks itching to see its hype were the support for its $93.2 million. Thanks to its mixed word of mouth and though competition this week, its obvious to see why it stumbled a bit. But with $156.8 million already gained, one can be certain that its $160 million production budget will be obtained back in no time.

And not so surprising, the latest Adam Sandler comedy Blended grossed a dismal $14.2 million for third place (again, $18.2 million if you want to go by Memorial Day weekend gross). While a bit higher than That’s My Boy ($13.5 million),  its still a very weak gross when compared to the $25 million opening Jack and Jill brought in (and even that was considered a disappointed gross). The buzz promised a return to the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore comedies in hopes of generating enough buzz, but it looks like it wasn’t enough. Interesting as popularity in Adam Sandler comedies have been shrinking over the past years. Oddly enough, even Adam admitted in a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel that this movie was made so he could take a vacation. Unfortunately, it feels that way already with some of his other entries.

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