Box Office: “Fault” scores big while “Edge” is a sci-fi blow

The Fault in Our Stars was a surprise hit this weekend taking in the top spot with $48 million. Considering the recent pattern and franchise debuts that came in May, this is a huge surprise. But if one takes into effect that popularity of the book (which has over 10 million copies in print), one could be assured just how big this would catch on. Also, its successfully managed to reach its target audience that being of young women. According to Fox Studios, about 82% of viewers were female and about 79%were under the age of 25. Even the opening weekend gross compared to The Vow ($41.2 million) and Dear John ($30.5 million), this marked a new high in romantic films.

But not all new openers can be big hits. Tom Cruise and his latest sci-fi epic shows critical praise with  but something went wrong. It ended up taking third place with $28.8 million which is even lower than John Carter ($30.2 million) and even Elysium ($29.8 million). Perhaps one can pinpoint this on the marketing for making it look like another grimy-war like future epic that we have seen before. That or perhaps the star power of Tom Cruise is unfortunately dwindling. Or maybe it bared too many similar traits to Oblivion from last year. Either way, this will be a hard one to see cross the $100 million mark that is if word of mouth will boost it.

In other news, Maleficent took the second spot with $34.3 million and has earned $128.2 million in the domestic ranks. X-Men: Days of Future Past dropped to fourth place with $15.2 million with $189.6 million domestically. And lastly, A Million Ways to Die In the West is literally dying hard with a really dismal drop to 5th place, a weekend gross of $7.3 million and has so far earned only $30.3 million domestically. Seth better be ready to bounce back because there is short chance this one will reach the $50 million mark.

Overall, this is not a bad start to June as we are only warming up.

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