1st Annual Horror-Wood Blog-a-Thon: Introduction



With Halloween around the corner, I decided to try something different this year. Again, I plan to make more use of my blog and I still have a Vaulting episode around the corner. But I want to do something I never had the courage to do. And that is to commit to the ultimate blog-a-thon. And what better occasion than Halloween. The time of ghosts, goblins and spooks running about creating frolic and chaos. But also, this is when a curious movie goer would sit back and see the occasional horror flick. Only problem is that there are tons to choose from ranging in tone and style.

Well, no need to worry. Here at the Blockbuster Chronicles, we got the goods to recommend for this year and it will be done all in one month. Each day of October will be a different movie review or a review of a film franchise. Some from the past and some from today. Some that are campy and some that are garbage. This is sort of my personal “Horror Movie Guide” and I hope to do it each year seeing the big filmbuff I can be. Not only will there be a review but also behind the scenes triva, a brief look at its sequels or remakes depending on film and if I’ve seen them and also the cut stuff (after all, censorship was a big thing of horror films in the past so I feel its far to elaborate on a few that got hit hard by it.)

Now before the big month starts, I have to lay some ground rules. I do plan to look at some of the classic monsters films first and then we’ll dig into some contemporary stuff like Psycho or The Thing. It will be out of order and have no kind of sequencing. Its all at random and you will never know what movie will be next. If there is a franchise, then I have to talk about its sequels. If there are more than three movies, I have to either do three to four a day or do individual posts based on the film and other factors. You can request titles at facebook.com/VaultingOfficial but I can’t guarantee it will be picked. It will be based on interest and if I have enough time seeing there’s only 31 days.

Regardless, I hope to have a lot of fun with this. We’ll do some great horrors you know and some you might not even heard of. 31 days of 31 blog posts and it all begins on October 1st. So join us if you dare to the Blockbuster Chronicles’ 1st Annual Horror-Wood Blog-a-Thon!

About moviebuffmel90

Considering my passion of films, I apprecaite reviewing them and recommending ones either some have heard of or know little about.

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