Horror-Wood Blog-a-thon: Invaders from Mars (Original and Remake)



Cheaply made...IN COLOR!!!

Cheaply made…IN COLOR!!!

Invaders from Mars is very much the “poor man’s” version of War of the Worlds. Its ironic as well seeing both Invaders and the 1953 adaption of War of the Worlds came out on the same year while months apart from each other. It follows the general archetype of 1950 science fiction that was in full bloom at the time with cheap looking monsters and cheesy storylines. But to be fair, this movie does have some charm and holds very well but only in the first two thirds.

Jimmy Hunt as he worries about the strange behavior in his parents

Jimmy Hunt as he worries about the strange behavior in his parents

Child actor Jimmy Hunt plays a kid that grows suspicious of the strange behavior his parents are having. They act like their in a cold and hostile personality and have a strange mark on the back of their necks. A lot of tension is built up to the point where its revealed that his folks are under the mind control of aliens hiding out not too far form his backyard. The way Jimmy’s performance of the character David is very well executed and is what holds this movie together. Its from the perspective of a kid and at the time, not many movies or science fiction stories had children as the protagonists. So I give props for going in a different direction on trying to be innovative in the storytelling.

The Martian design in the 1953 version....you may now laugh

The Martian design in the 1953 version….you may now laugh

Once we get the reason behind his parent’s odd actions, we go underground to find Earth is to be invaded by some very cheap looking Martians. The design alone looks very laughable on first sight. I understand this was all before anamatronics and CGI but even for back then this looked hilarious. Apparently, David is menaced by green-pajama monsters with buggy eyes and a leader who looks like a head in a jar with cheap tentacles sticking out. Its just downright laughable. On the upside, the scenes in the underground Martian tunnels do have a strange surreal quality to it. Almost like its the dream of a child and his interpretation of things. In that way, it works but I still feel let down considering how much tension is built around this kid trying to evade his brainwashed parents.

The leader of the Martians in the original 1953 version....yes, you are not high

The leader of the Martians in the original 1953 version….yes, you are not high

Even stranger is the ending which uses the “it was dream or is it” motif and feels really tagged on for a cheap scare. Oddly enough, the ending had to be re-filmed when it was being released in Britain because of the many objections the UK distributor had with it. In that version, its a straight forward conclusion and even so it still feels a bit tagged on. Even more interesting are a few extra scenes added in like a planetarium sequence with more charts and pictures and odd enough are moments when Jimmy Hunt appears to have grown a few inches with more hair. Its obvious these scenes where shot after the film’s release in the US.

Overall, I don’t think its the best invaders film to exist but it does have an iconic look and feel to it. Right down to the idea of having a young protagonist is clever enough because it puts you in that mind set when you were young and had a presence to the world. I still say the last third is unfortunately laughable when you consider the amount of stock footage used and the cheapness starts to show. And its as shame seeing how engaging it feels up to its big moment when you see the Invaders. Its an ok movie that was in need of improvements.

At last, a remake that WAS needed after all

At last, a remake that WAS needed after all

Now here is where the Tobe Hooper remake comes in and its a very different movie. Even right down to the tone, its easy to say its vastly improved and surprisingly darker than its cheaper predecessor. The story is very much the same with a lot of differences. Hunter Carson plays David, a kid with a crazy imagination and Hunter’s acting is surprisingly good. He really puts you in that time when we were kids and our imaginations would just run wild. You really start to root for him from beginning to end and is easily likable from the start.

There's...some..THING...out on the window!

There’s…some..THING…out on the window!

The way his parents act after being brainwashed is a huge step up and far creepier. In the original, they acted melodramatic and cold while the remake really pushes it. Not only they have a robotic quality but goes as far to have strange quirks like cook and eat bacon that burned all the way to black without questioning its taste. The remake also adds a new character which raises the stakes. Louise Fletcher plays a teacher that acts like a teacher with a grouchy attitude but slowly you start to realize she’s not only brainwashed by the aliens but succeeds in being the teacher from Hell. This is the person we love to hate. She seeks after David like a bounty hunter and feels like a huge threat. Even in one scene we see her devour a frog in such disgust that this review simply can’t do justice to describe.

The Martians that are vastly and easily improved. And you won't believe how they were puppeteered...

The Martians that are vastly and easily improved. And you won’t believe how they were puppeteered…

Of course, the Martians are going to easily the biggest thing to get improved. Here, creature effects were done by Stan Winston and John Dykstra who succeed in making an alien design that not only absurd but frightening and memorable. I like the idea of how it resembles a big head with arms and legs but that’s not the interesting part. According to an issue of Cinefantastique that did a feature article, it required two people in the heavy monster suits and they had walk backwards. But it gets better. It required someone with the strength of a bodybuilder to move the giant puppet and a little man inside the mouth area to move the jaws up and down. I am dead serious about this. The thought of having a big hulking guy with a small person strapped to him walking backwards is just strange yet humorous to me. But it shows just how much creativity and effort it took to bring such amazing monsters to life.

Krang, is that you?

Krang, is that you?

The lead of the Martians is giving a huge upgrade as he goes from a squid head to a giant brain. Its an obvious and generic choice but what works is the design. It almost reminds me of Krang from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon and  I like how it has small flippers for hands in the front. Again the creature effects are a big highlight and huge upgrade from the original film. Its nice to see a practical effect in an era before computer effects start to show a cheaper way to do monsters.

invaders from mars2

If a B-movie is what you want, its what you get

While I appreciate the remake more for improving the special effects and increasing the tension in a good way, I will say its a movie that’s not for everyone. There’s some dumb moments here and there like the idea that the alien’s weapons are coin-operated that might turn some people off. I will say first and for most that if a B-movie is what you want, its what you get. The 1986 remake is meant to be over-the-top and out of control but still maintains that childhood charm of how something so simple like a tree outside your window can be scary at night. Director Tobe Hooper of Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame knew what he was clearly doing. He wasn’t going to rehash the same movie again but create a version that reflects the era its in as well as do something different. Both movies are decent but I feel the remake is a vast improvement. Its edgier, darker and great funhouse ride that I can’t help but have a soft spot for. But for those who want a remake of an alien movie with sophistication and “higher class,” come back tomorrow because you will be in for a treat…

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